yours are mine

a film by Brooke Trantor

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Yours are Mine is now available to stream on

Flixa-TV, a platform for women in film.

When a high school tutor discovers a painful secret about her favorite client, she is quickly triggered by a similar darkness from her own past. 

The story of Yours are Mine has been on my heart for years - a story based on my own past battles with bulimia and anorexia, it was important for me to create this piece to show the world. It is a story so many relate to, and I wanted to tell it with grace, authenticity, and absolute truth. I believe I have done this, but certainly not alone. 

Not only was I able to write, produce, direct, and portray one of the two lead characters, I am MOST proud that I brought together an entire crew and cast of women. Women from all different backgrounds, women of all ages, ethnicities and perspectives, it was an absolute DREAM. Through pre-production, filming, and post-production, having these women surround me with their own vulnerability, collaborative hearts, and astounding wisdom in the filmmaking process, I consider myself extremely grateful and lucky. 

Yours are Mine is a story I believe we can all relate to: when faced or triggered by demons from your own past, what does it take to face them in the present, and help others that may be struggling with similar battles? How do we rise up for others to save them from the pain we experienced in the past? And how do we rise from our pain and struggles to hopefully become stronger than we were before them? 

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