Brooke Trantor was born and raised in the small town of Quincy, IL (Heard of it? Liar.) She moved to Los Angeles after receiving her BFA in Acting from Illinois Wesleyan University, and studying Shakespeare at The British American Drama Academy.  While Brooke found her love for Shakespeare in London, her true passion lies in the improv and comedy world. 


Brooke started to dive into improv in the eighth grade, and has been addicted ever since! Brooke is a graduate of the Second City conservatory, Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation Program and has studied at The Groundlings . Brooke became heavily involved as soon as she moved to LA: graduating from Second City Hollywood, being Intern of The Month at Second City, House Managing, producing "Second City Shorts", hosting "Gradfest" at Second City, performing in "The Best of Second City: Fakers", and getting a kiss on the cheek from "Steve Urkel" while a contestant on "Total Blackout."  Her pride and joy has been assistant directing, understudying, and starring in the longest running Second City show, "Undateable" for 3 1/2 years. Brooke has also leaned her focus into creating her own content, and has written/directed/produced/starred in short films that have been featured in festivals around the world, including OUTFEST in Los Angeles at the DGA Theatre, and has won multiple awards.


Brooke is an extremely caring and sweet person, and would do anything to make someone laugh, even if it means embarrassing herself. Her favorite part of the week is reading to children in classrooms of Los Angeles through the wonderful SAG-AFTRA Foundation's LA Bookpals, and mentoring 5th graders through Young Storytellers. She loves meeting new people, and is always saying "Yes, and" to new opportunities that life brings. Brooke is allergic to most foods, so mourn for her the next time you eat cookie dough ice cream. In more serious news, Brooke is currently seeking mental help for her extreme addiction to coffee & pumpkin flavored products. 

Brooke's work has been featured all around the world

including Los Angeles, New York and London.